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Examples of Collaborative Work

  • Meetings : common agenda managed by the secretary.
  • Calendars : Appointments taken by the commercial secretary, who can access the agendas of the salesmen.
  • Meeting room : reservations managed by the secretary. Planning viewable by everyone.
  • Vehicle : reservations management of a service vehicle by the secretary. Availability viewable by anyone.
  • Address Book : centralized management by the secretary, records updated and unique. Consultation by everyone.
  • Communication : broadcast memos or service notes to defined groups. Stop filling mailboxes.
  • Work together on a quote : quote supplemented by several people, without going through the movement of paper or emails.
  • Remote Access to documents : itinerant salesmen can access documents concerning them.
  • Project Management : managing stocks, chains, time spent on each action. Visibility of progress by each.
  • Common Internet Bookmarks (Favorites) : customers, suppliers, other resources finally centralized.


  • Linux
  • Microsoft
  • Ubuntu
  • Dolibarr
  • VMware
  • Apache
  • Mysql
  • PHP

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